Tony Blair and The God Lie

So when Alastair Campbell said 'We don't do God' it was just another lie. No surprise there. Blair's recent routine gives the lie to a great deal that was happening in the disastrous (look where we are now) Blair years. He's changed his tune.

We can look forward to the carnage which has resulted from his craven support of the neocon foreign policy debacles being airbrushed out of his 'legacy'. Let the cant begin.


Iraq Death Toll 'Above Highest Estimates'

I lived in Gatoon district, the volatile stronghold of the militants in Baquba," Yasir al-Azawi, a 37-year-old truck driver told IPS. "Everyday I saw vehicles dropping bodies in the river. Everyone in my district knows this truth; that the river contained an extraordinary number of bodies to the extent that living in that place became impossible. We left our home and moved to live in the north of Iraq."

An officer at the directorate-general of police for Diyala province said the number of dead is impossible to calculate exactly.

"When the new security plan began in Diyala, some of the arrested militants confessed that they were burying bodies," the officer said. "Some of them led us to the places where they buried the bodies. We found hundreds by digging in the areas that are a stronghold of the militants, and sometimes in the gardens of the houses they were living in, or in a place nearby."