The Terror Expert Industry

The sham “terrorism expert” industry - Salon.com: "… Americans seems to have internalized their anxiety about terrorism, and politicians and policymakers have come to believe that they can defy it only at their own peril. Concern about appearing to be soft on terrorism has replaced concern about seeming to be soft on communism, a phenomenon that lasted far longer than the dramatic that generated it … This extraordinarily exaggerated and essentially delusional response may prove to be perpetual.”"

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  1. All these experts. LOL
    All talking heads should be researched.
    Their backgrounds and agendas should be exposed.
    The word [terrorist] is being used way too freely.
    If some one does not agree with Western policy then he is now declared a terrorist.
    Benghazi was not an act of terrorism.
    It was an act of war.
    A war that has reached around the globe due to our global war on terror.
    Blow back is a bitch as they say.
    In America we have a great saying.
    It all depends on if you are pitching or catching.