John Simpson: British Media Is 'Grotesquely Selective' In Reporting Terror

John Simpson: British Media Is 'Grotesquely Selective' In Reporting Terror Attacks
Speaking to The Huffington Post UK during the 2015 One Young World summit in Bangkok, the BBC's world affairs editor details says he finds the media is too selective on its foreign affairs reporting.
"It's grotesquely selective actually. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I think the [Paris attacks] don't matter, it matters hugely what happened in Paris. It's one of the most important things of this decade. It's just that you know, 130 people die in other countries and we shouldn't let ourselves be blinded to that simply because we're more interested in Paris."
According to Simpson, it is where people are being killed which decides the extent of coverage.
"It matters less when it happens in Lebanon because Lebanon is a country which, although is quite close, is not where most people go.
"Honestly, I spend a lot of my time reporting from Iraq and you know, once a week, there are dozens of people killed in bomb attacks and suicide attacks and so forth. And it scarcely gets a mention. And the same thing in Afghanistan.

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