Brexit Vote

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I must confess to being very surprised by the vote to leave the EU. I thought the establishment-sponsored Project Fear would prevail. At a time like this the full ramifications are hard to gauge. But there are one or two items which can be salvaged from the wreckage.
1. Cameron is gone. An empty suit with appalling judgement as it turned out. Unfortunately he will be replaced by another old-Etonian, Oxbridge patrician.
2. The vote drives a further wedge between Scotland and the residual UK with the certainty now of a second Indyref vote in the next few years with, surely, a different result
More immediately, it is truly a bad day for, among other things, the human rights agenda, the migrant crisis, internationalism and the UK economy.


  1. Not shocking in the slightest.
    No refugee crisis in the UK
    NO EXIT.
    ? Now is who will be next to exit.

  2. The refugee situation in the UK isn't really at crisis level. The UK has got off very lightly as far as political migrants are concerned. Immigration to the UK in 2015 was about equal between EU and non-EU immigrants. The immigration issue generally, rather than migrants, played a big part for sure.