Scott Monument, Edinburgh - Peter Rumney

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'First human' discovered in Ethiopia

BBC News - 'First human' discovered in Ethiopia:

Prof Brian Villmoare of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas said the discovery makes a clear link between an iconic 3.2 million-year-old hominin (human-like primate) discovered in the same area in 1974, called "Lucy".

Could Lucy's kind - which belonged to the species Australopithecus afarensis - have evolved into the very first primitive humans?

"That's what we are arguing," said Prof Villmoare.

Human Jawbone

V for Varoufakis | NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE mit Jan Böhmermann - ZDFneo

Irak: l'armée pilonne les positions d' ISIS au nord de Diyala

Irak: l'armée pilonne les positions de l'EI au... by 20Minutes

Nobel Peace Prize chair who oversaw Obama award demoted

Unprecedented: Nobel Peace Prize chair who oversaw Obama award demoted — RT News
The Nobel Prize Committee’s 2012 choice of the European Union as the winner of the award has also raised quite a few eyebrows. Critics pointed out Jagland’s other role as head of the European Council as a potential conflict of interest. Many argued the prize was undeserved because of the EU’s economic and foreign policy failures.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa and two other Nobel Peace Prize-winners protested the decision in an open letter.

American Sniper Killer Routh 'Lost Desire For Life' After Iraq

'Sniper' Killer Lost Desire for Life After Iraq... by wochit

ISIS - Bataille De Tikrit

Bataille deTikrit : "Les sunnites ont autant... by lemondefr


Voodoo Chile-Jimi Hendrix / Gayageum ver. by Luna


Noam Chomsky: After Dangerous Proxy War, Keeping Ukraine Neutral Offers ...

Assassination of Boris Nemtsov Caught On Video

Une vidéo montre l'assassinat de Boris Nemtsov by lemondefr

Plaque Depicts Declaration of Arbroath?

Libya - Proxy War For the Middle East?

Last Colony in Africa?

War On ISIS In Maps - Tikrit

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Iraq PM Makes Plea For Civilians in Battle for Tikrit