Lebanon - US Withholding Aid

Hong Kong Protests Escalate

Pictish Stone At Aberlemno

The stone depicts of the Battle of Nechtansmere (685), a few miles south of Aberlemno (Obar Leamhnach) near the modern village of Dunnichen by Angus. The helmets, with the distinctive noseguards, are identical to the 8th century Anglian helmet discovered at the Coppergate excavation in York. The cross-slab undoubtedly illustrates the decisive defeat of the Northumbrian Angles.
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Rassemblement national des "gilets jaunes" sous tension à Montpellier

Afghanistan - Abdullah To Refuse To Recognise Election Result

Afghanistan’s September 28 presidential race was between Abdullah and his rival, incumbent President Ashraf Ghani.
Abdullah, who unsuccessfully ran in the previous two presidential elections and is fighting for his political future, has repeatedly raised questions about the validity of hundreds of thousands of votes.
The election was meant to be the cleanest in Afghanistan’s young democracy, with a German firm supplying biometric machines that were supposed to stop people from voting more than once. Link

Hotel Window (1956) - Edward Hopper