Cherokee Roses In Glass Vase (1883) - Martin Johnson Heade

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Protecting The Planet

2015 Critical For Climate Change - UN Envoy Robinson

Greece Turns, Europe Wobbles

Syriza - We Are Going To Destroy The Greek Oligarchy System

Anti- Muslim Rally in Dresden

Chechnya - Huge Rally Against Charlie Hebdo Depictions

Tens of thousands in Chechnya rally against... by ArirangNews

North East Bethnall Green - George Board

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Ardagh Chalice

The magnificent Ardagh Chalice, c. 9th century in date was found in 1868 by two potato diggers.
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ISIS Executed Adnan Abdulrazaq, a cameraman for Al-Sama TV today in Mosul.

Port De Stockholm (1935) - Albert Marquet

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Tony Blair and Colonel Gaddafi

Iraq invasion 2003: The bloody warnings six wise men gave to Tony Blair

Iraq invasion 2003: The bloody warnings six wise men gave to Tony Blair as he prepared to launch poorly planned campaign - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
Professor George Joffe of Cambridge University, who also spoke that morning, and to the panel in 2009, agrees. “I think it is bound to be damning. The errors of judgement were so blatant, there is no way they can whitewash this.”
The six men were assembled around the Cabinet table in 2002 by Sir Lawrence Freedman, professor of war studies at King’s College London and an adviser to Blair. “I simply felt it was important that such decisions should be taken with eyes open about the possible longer-term implications,” he told The Independent on Sunday in 2004. He is now on the Chilcot panel.

Yemen Crisis Deepening

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Another Pic From Glencoe

Another pic from last week. My wife took this one on my camera. Perhaps the best pic of the lot. Good definition considering it's through the windscreen. A journey we won't forget for a long time.

Lady Writing Letter With Her Maid (1670) - Vermeer

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Spencer Davis Group

ISIS Kills Japanese Hostage

Casey vs. Kyle: On Bloodlust, Loss, and Wars of Choice

Everything in American Sniper is taken for fact when the author and focus Chris Kyle already had been proven to have been a blowhard and a liar, when the facts and political motivations of Selma are being questioned.
As is the US addicted to its wars, it is also addicted to lying about them and I know this because I have my own case about Casey for proof.
We got the news about Casey about 14 hours or so after his detail had been ambushed in Iraq. After I lie on the floor screaming for I don’t know how long, the three emissaries of death couldn’t really tell us much except that he was Killed In Action (KIA)—I still can’t see a KIA brand car without my heart sinking.

13 of the 15 hottest years have happened since 2000

(Credit: Climate Central)
Evidence often cited by climate scientists and also normal people attempting to demonstrate just how much we’ve destroyed the Earth shows that we’ve experienced 13 of the hottest 15 years on record since 2000. Climate deniers will respond, reminding you that they aren’t scientists, but they have it on pretty good authority that the climate is always changing — we just don’t have anything to do with it. Read More