Athena By Lys Hansen

Saw a stunning exhibition in Lillie Art Gallery by Lys Hansen this week. This was the standout to me. Strong female image. Assertive femininity is a theme of hers. Painted wood sculptures impressive too.

The Never-Ending War on 'Terror'

How Israel Silences Criticism

Israel’s never-ending persecution of Palestinians is opening a chasm between the world’s public, which is growing disgusted by Israeli behavior, and Western elites who shy from criticism because of career fears and financial dependence, observes Lawrence Davidson. MORE

Once Upon A Time In Edinburgh

A lantern and entryway in Weir's Close,1906, in a photograph by the Boston-born Alvin Langdon Coburn. Stevenson's description of Edinburgh deeply influenced Coburn's extensive photographs of the city; in his 1966 autobiography, Coburn wrote, ""For over fifty years I have followed lovingly in [Stevenson's] footsteps, endeavouring to see [Edinburgh] as I thought he saw it." Some of those footsteps are now untraceable: Weir's Close disappeared in renovations later in the century and no longer exists.

"Half a capital and half a country town, the whole city leads a double existence," Robert Louis Stevenson, the Scottish writer, wrote of Edinburgh in 1878. "It has long trances of the one and flashes of the other... it is half alive and half a monumental marble."
On Sept. 18, Scots voted to remain within the United Kingdom in the country's first-ever independence referendum. Had the results been different, Edinburgh would have become more than Stevenson ever imagined. The city would have been the capital of Western Europe's first 21st-century state, the seat of an independent government serving around 5 million people, setting taxes, directing a military. MORE

Yevgeny Zamyatin: The writer who inspired Orwell and Huxley


Intoxicating investment: How some whisky lovers are now making millions

(CNN) -- The whisky glows like a candle in the bottom of the glass. Its aroma is rich, deep, musky, inviting. But dare I take a sip?
This is the new Balvenie 50-year-old, which carries a price tag of £25,000 ($40,800) a bottle. Which means that the single dram I am holding is worth about £830 ($1,350).
Slowly, I raise it to my lips.
I am standing in the whisky room at the luxurious Cromlix hotel in Dunblaine, Scotland -- which incidentally is owned by local boy tennis star Andy Murray -- along with a select group of journalists.
We have been invited to the exclusive launch of the new 50-year-old, which is only the fourth time the distillery has released a whisky of this age.


SNP poised to become one of UK’s largest political parties


As we like to say in the states.
It ain't over, till its over.

Les Villages Des Kurdes Irakiens

Blair - Don't Rule Out Ground Troops in Syria or Iraq

Blair is the British equivalent of John McCain. Neither of them ever saw an Arab coutry which wasn't worth invading. Or at least one in which it was worth interfering.
Mr Blair said in a BBC interview: "Unless you're prepared to fight these people on the ground, you may contain them but you won't defeat them." LINK


Freedom Come All Ye. - Luke Kelly

The White Rose - Hugh MacDiarmid

The rose of all the world is not for me.
I want for my part
Only the little white rose of Scotland
That smells sharp and sweet—and breaks the heart.