Whose Boots on the Ground? US Recruits Iraq Security 'Advisers'

Exclusive: US Recruits Iraq Security 'Advisers'
The US Army's Contracting Command has issued a tender notice for companies capable of deploying security assistance mentors and advisers in Iraq.
These individuals would be required for a 12-month contract, potentially extendable to a total of 36 months.
They are needed as consultants to the US "Office of Security Assistance in Iraq" and must be "cognisant of the goals of ... reducing tensions between Arabs and Kurds, and Sunnis and Shias".

Chris Hedges on Gaza

From last year but equally true today. And tomorrow. Apologies for the over-dramatic music etc. The message remains valid.

Postcard From Picasso To Jean Cocteau (1919)

ISIS - West's Anti-Assad Policies Backfire

Iraq Crisis: Fear brings the enemies of Isis together at last - Comment - Voices - The Independent
However deep the differences between Washington and Tehran, they were equally horrified by the prospect of Isis advancing on Baghdad and Erbil. Saudi Arabia has openly or covertly opposed Iran and Shia Islam since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, but is seriously threatened by Isis, whose ideology is not much different from Saudi Wahhabism but challenges the legitimacy of the house of Saud. Last Friday in Mecca, the influential imam and preacher at the Grand Mosque, Sheikh Abdul-Rahman al-Sudais, called for a code of conduct to stop leaders, scholars and young people supporting violence and "terror". An implication of this is that Saudi Arabia will suppress pro-jihadi propaganda on the internet and satellite television which it has previously encouraged.

Yemen - Manifestation massive à Sanaa .

Manifestation massive à Sanaa à l'appel de la... by afp

Just What Is UK Strategy in Iraq?


This Woman Joined Scotland and England. Should Her Work Be Undone?

August is the tercentenary of Queen Anne’s death, so it is a good time to remember her most significant political accomplishment: the Act of Union of 1707. The pending September referendum on Scottish independence may well overturn this Union. As the religious, tribal, and economic passions awakened by the impending vote are not unlike those surrounding the original Union, it may be useful now to remember Anne’s motives and strategies in seeking to unite her kingdoms. - See more at: http://hnn.us/article/156479#sthash.dlVSVPw0.dpuf

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Salmon And Ball By Albert Turpin

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