Turkey - Aftermath of Cizre Truck Bomb Attack

AQ Rebranded in the Levant

Sudan - The Forgotten War

Syrian War Won't End Anytime Soon

Syria’s Paradox: Why the War Only Ever Seems to Get Worse - The New York Times
Academic research on civil wars, taken together, reveals why. The average such conflict now lasts about a decade, twice as long as Syria’s so far. But there are a handful of factors that can make them longer, more violent and harder to stop. Virtually all are present in Syria.
Many stem from foreign interventions that were intended to end the war but have instead entrenched it in a stalemate where violence is self-reinforcing and the normal avenues for peace are all closed. The fact that the underlying battle is mutliparty rather than two-sided also works against resolution.
When asked what other conflicts through history had similar dynamics, Barbara F. Walter, a University of San Diego professor and leading expert on civil wars, paused, considered a few possibilities, then gave up. There was none.
“This is a really, really tough case,” she said.


Potentially Habitable Exoplanet Confirmed Around Nearest Star!

Potentially Habitable Exoplanet Confirmed Around Nearest Star! - Universe Today

There was much excitement when, earlier this month, an unnamed source claimed that the ESO had spotted an Earth-sized planet orbiting within the star’s habitable zone. And after weeks of speculation, with anticipation reaching its boiling point, the ESO has confirmed that they have found a rocky exoplanet around Proxima Centauri – known as Proxima b.

Maronite Hymn From Lebanon

Fin de l'attaque contre l'université de Kaboul : 13 morts


Syria blames France for nerve gas attack in Gouta

Syria blames France for nerve gas attack in Gouta that almost took Britain to war | Middle East | News | The Independent

Discussing the sarin gas attack that killed hundreds of people in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta on 21 August 2013, he inferred the atrocity was part of a plot to divert UN weapons inspectors from another incident blamed on rebels.

Las tropas de Bagdad se acercan a Mosul

UN bracing for massive flight from Iraq's Mosul

Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire

Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire | Marc Parry | News | The Guardian

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Elkins had come to prominence in 2005 with a book that exhumed one of the nastiest chapters of British imperial history: the suppression of Kenya’s Mau Mau rebellion. Her study, Britain’s Gulag, chronicled how the British had battled this anticolonial uprising by confining some 1.5 million Kenyans to a network of detention camps and heavily patrolled villages. It was a tale of systematic violence and high-level cover-ups.