Peterloo Massacre Anniversary

Trump Floats 'Personal Meeting' With China Over Hong Kong Protests

Slavery Reparations

The Myth Of Eurabia

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A couple of hours after the first reports of the bomb explosion in central Oslo, a few doubts emerged to cloud the picture: “Because the targets in the shooting were all good little leftists, won’t the shooter be played up as a rightwing extremist, whatever his actual motives?” one person asked. Link


Greta Thunberg

Gilets Jaunes - 39th Week

Entrance To The Grand Canal, Venice by Thomas Moran



Halt Afghan civilian casualties, U.N says

The government’s main security agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), said the operation in Paktia province had targeted a Taliban hideout and among the 11 dead militants were two commanders.
The U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said it was gravely concerned at the killings during a search operation and a human rights team was investigating.
“Accountability essential. Harm to civilians must stop,” the agency said in a post on Twitter. Link

Hong Kong - Airport Protests Turn Violent

The Kill Team


El Ășltimo tesoro descubierto en Pompeya

Jeffrey Epstein - More Questions

Afghanistan - Afghan Forces Braced For US Defeat

Afghan commanders vowed last year to take the offensive, rather than go on fighting a static “checkpoint war.” But in most major battlegrounds, the bulk of the regular Afghan forces are still holed up in fortified bases and outposts. Most offensive operations have been left to small numbers of Afghan and American Special Operations soldiers, backed by both countries’ air forces. Link