British troops were twice as likely to be killed in Afghanistan as US forces

The study refers to a grim joke told by American soldiers in Afghanistan that ISAF stood for “I Saw Americans Fight”, but points out in the case of the UK and Canada at least it was grossly unfair. Link


Europa relaja las restricciones ligadas a la COVID-19

US Trashes and Scraps Gear in Afghanistan. They Should Do The Same With Their Foreign Policy

'As the last few thousand U.S. and NATO troops head out the door, ending their own 20-year war in Afghanistan, they are deep into a massive logistical undertaking, packing up bases around the country. They leave behind an Afghan population where many are deeply frustrated and angry. They feel abandoned to a legacy they blame at least in part on the Americans — a deeply corrupt U.S.-backed government and growing instability that could burst into brutal new phase of civil war.' 

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Alba Gu Brath

 From Le Monde

Fear And Loathing In Hartlepool

In the unlikely event that Prince Far I and Creation Rebel had written a song to mark the Hartlepool By-Election, it would have been called 'Itta Dread In Hartlepool (Hang Dem Munki)'