The Sordid Story of the Most Successful Political Party in the World

Sordid is the word. For 'British' read 'English'.
'Even as print numbers nose-dive, the chasm in readership and influence is huge. The Tory press’s combined daily circulation is 6.8 million copies, over seven times the sum of The Guardian and Daily Mirror’s. The disparity narrows a bit on the internet, but it’s still pronounced: 131 million online monthly reads versus 61 million. And even these figures don’t reflect their different abilities to set the political weather. In the name of neutrality, the BBC’s news content is largely based on what the national press reports, and so its agenda is then reflected in the BBC’s own coverage, which filters down to its massive monthly online readership, peaking at 1.5 billion views in March, 2021.' Link

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The Demise of the Tories - Gerry Hassan

'British conservatism’s intellectual and political debasement has been a long time brewing but the inept politics of Cameron, May and Johnson, along with Brexit and COVID-19, have brought it to the fore. But the decline has been long and deep, masked by the built-in advantages of the Tories – a right-wing press, business support, huge financial backers, and an often inept Labour opposition who were even wary of making the political weather in thirteen years of Blair-Brown government.' Read More

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