Calvin Gibbs - All Round Regular Kind of Guy

Hey, Calvin was a killer's killer. A GI's GI :-

“All he said was, ‘I don’t know where these guys are getting this stuff,’” said Eric Thomas, a childhood friend here, after speaking with Sergeant Gibbs by telephone. “Calvin Gibbs is not a murderer,” Thomas said. Many of Gibbs friends and people at Billings claimed he had only been serving his country.  Members of his unit in Afghanistan paint a devastating picture of Sergeant Gibbs, 26. He is one of five soldiers facing potential courts-martial on charges that they killed Afghan civilians for sport, planting weapons near them to fake combat situations, collecting their body parts and taking photographs posing with their corpses.
Documents in the case obtained by The New York Times, including statements by soldiers and investigators, portray Sergeant Gibbs as the ringleader in three separate incidents involving the murder of civilians near Kandahar, Afghanistan, this year, and as the force behind intimidating other soldiers in his unit to keep quiet.
“He told me the type of soldier he was looking for was the type that could kill anybody,” Pfc Ashton Moore told an investigator in May.
The case has prompted the military to 'review' all combat deaths with which Sergeant Gibbs has been involved.

Several soldiers recalled Sergeant Gibbs and Specialist Morlock tossing severed fingers in front of a soldier who had reported the widespread use of hashish within the unit. Old Gibbsy. What a character!

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