Pesticide exposure in bumblebees 'harms pollination' - BBC News

Pesticide exposure in bumblebees 'harms pollination' - BBC News

Bumblebees are frequent pollinators of apple crops

A study found bumblebees collected pollen from apple trees less often when exposed to the chemical, reducing the success of the crop.
Scientists say policymakers should consider the potential impact on agriculture in the debate over the use of neonicotinoid pesticides.
The company that makes the pesticide said the findings were "premature".
Bees are essential for the pollination of many crops, including fruit, seeds and oils.
The global worth of the pollination services bees and other insects provide is estimated at between 152 billion and 379 billion pounds per year.
Dr Dara Stanley from Royal Holloway University of London said the research, published in the journal Nature, found for the first time that pesticide exposure reduces the pollination services bumblebees deliver.

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