Impeachment - Nixon vs Trump

The conditions had to be in place for Nixon, a hugely powerful President with a recent election victory, to be impeached. The reasons and charges were already there in spades. But the political conditions had to come together. They nearly didn't. Here's my assessment of what they were - the parallels with Trump are self -evident in my opinion.
- The number of institutional sides from which the WH was under assault - the courts, Congress and ultimately the FBI who felt betrayed and compromised. Trump has enemies now in all three of these constituencies 
- The almost unanimous hostility of the media/press
- Nixon, like trump, had influential opponents even within the GOP.
- The Nixon White House was remote and out of touch. They were always a step behind what the media knew
- Leaks. Nixon's team leaked like a sieve as they all tried to save their own backs and careers. Trumps White House is chaotic and full of feuds and vendettas. The factions leak against each other.
- The lawyers. Both the Nixon and Trump sailed close to the wind as regards the legality of their actions. The legal establishment in the US, when push comes to shove, will rally behind the Constitution.
The impeachent process can be short. But Trump won't go through with it. He would rather resign I believe. 
Trump is toast. Gone by 2018.

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