Spanish Socialists re-elect Pedro Sanchez to lead party

Spanish Socialists re-elect Pedro Sanchez to lead party | World news | The Guardian
Following his resignation, the PSOE abstained from Rajoy’s investiture debate, returning the PP to office and ending the 10-month political stalemate that had left Spain without a government after two inconclusive general elections.

Sanchez has spent the past few months criss-crossing the country, addressing the PSOE’s grassroots supporters and urging the party to move to the left.

He hailed his victory as an example of “democracy, participation and transparency” and vowed to make the PSOE a credible winning party once again.

“To the millions of progressives who may or may not have voted Socialist, we say the PSOE will be an effective opposition, and one that defends the social majority who are sick of PP corruption and who are suffering job insecurity and inequality as a result of the PP’s cuts,” he said.

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